About The Show


National Police Collectors Show

We want every National Police Collectors Show to be the premier annual law enforcement collecting event, no matter where it is held. All of us have made numerous friends in this hobby and many times only get to see those friends once a year at the National Shows. Help us keep these friendships, as well as the National Shows, alive and well. We encourage you to spread the word of this hobby throughout the law enforcement community, especially to the younger officers who do not seem as prevalent at these shows as they used to be. For this hobby to survive we need to get others interested in collecting and to find those collectors who don’t know about these shows and get them there. Not only do we need collectors to reserve tables, but we also need plenty of walk through traffic. The only way for this to happen is to get the word out. This responsibility rests on every collector who attends these shows, not just the show hosts.


Registration tables will be set up outside the door to the show one hour prior to opening Friday and Saturday.

Set up times

Table holders and table assistants will be allowed to set up one hour prior to the official opening to outside collectors.

Assignment of tables

Thank you for selecting the tables that you prefer. However, all table assignments are the sole discretion of the show hosts. If you choose to change the tables, you have selected every effort will be made to accommodate your location desires.


Full refunds will be available 90 days prior to the opening of the show. Unfortunately, no refunds will be available after the end of May 2022. No refunds will be made available to table holders who do not attend the show.

After hours

Security will not allow entrance to the shore area after the official show hours.
In case of emergency call Don Magruder at (502) 492-9715