Badge & Patch for 2021 Show

The outstanding St. Louis style badge for the 2021 National Police Collectors Show will be for sale at cost.  The cost will be $60.  There will be 100 available.
Patch image will be available soon. 
Badges and patches may be purchased at the show for cost
A link will be added to the website that will allow for purchase prior to the show.  The cost will be the same plus postage.
Badge and Patches will arrive late June or early July.
Badges can be ordered prior to their arrival by emailing your request to
  A link making ordering online will be added early July.
___ Badge (picked up at the show) $60
___ Badge shipped $70  
___ Patch (picked up at the show) $5
___ Patch shipped $10
___ Badge & Patch (picked up at the show) $65
___ Badge & Patch shipped $75
___ Requested Badge number if available (1 thru 100)  ____

For examples of past show badges and patches – go here