2022 National Police Collectors Show Rules

The 2022 show rules are approved by the show hosts, Jim Clark, Richard Stoffle and Brad Redmond


The 2023 National Police Collectors Show is destined to be a major success. However, to ensure that everyone enjoys the event, some simple rules will need to followed.


The rules and policies of the National Police Collector Shows have evolved over the years and are changed annually to best fit the particular show venue, to meet specific considerations, or avert perceived problems. Your show hosts for the 2023 National Police Collectors Show believe that the rules and policies that govern these National Shows should be as uniform as possible from year to year.  Previous National Police Collector Shows have met with some unpredictable challenges, and, for lack of a better term, resulted in lessons learned and new rules.

As such, you will see many similarities governing the rules and policies of past National Shows, as well as some new rules for the 2023 show.


  1. Acceptance of Show Rules:

By attending this show as a table holder, table assistant, guest, family member, or walk-through patron you acknowledge the acceptance of the 2023 National Police Collectors Show Rules. Several table reservations were made before these rules were published; however, those table holders and table assistants are still required to abide by these rules.

  1. Theft and Fraud:

We have to police these shows ourselves.  It is every individual’s responsibility at this National Show to watch out for theft and fraud, not only of our own merchandise and products, but also for those of our neighbors and friends. The 2023 National Police Collectors Show and show hosts are not responsible for any theft or loss. Both uniform and plainclothes officers will be on hand and persons found to be engaged in theft related activities will be immediately ejected from the show and/or prosecuted.

  1. Responsibility for Legal Sales and Fraud:

It is also every individual’s responsibility to know who you are selling to and/or trading with, especially when it involves transactions with badges.  Items sold or traded are to be used for display or collectible purposes only and not for identification or representation. This show will be open to the general public. We reserve the right to ask for law enforcement identification when entering the show. This may or may not happen so be prepared to show ID. We do not guarantee that every person in attendance will be a law enforcement officer. The show hosts reserve the right to revoke access to the show to any person at any time, and for any reason.

The sale of any badge must be limited to known reputable collectors or law enforcement officers. If you are in doubt as to the perspective buyers’ intentions, or law enforcement affiliation, do not be afraid to ask for identification. If they refuse to identify themselves then refuse to complete the transaction and contact a show host or police officer.  The National Show and show hosts are not responsible for what is sold or to whom it is sold.

You are fully responsible for each and every sale, trade, transfer, transaction, or purchase in which you participate.


  1. Prohibited Badges:

NO CURRENT-ISSUE FEDERAL BADGES may be sold or traded at the show, regardless of authenticity. However, commemorative issues, such as millennium or inaugural badges, are permitted if those items were authorized for sale publicly by that particular agency. Federal badges, particularly those with control numbers, may be displayed if the person displaying them can prove that they have the right to possess those badges if asked by a show host or a federal authority.

  1. Reproductions:

Many patches and badges are copyrighted thus making it important to mark reproduction items. Any reproduction item that is in a display and entered for an award must be clearly marked as such. Failure to mark an item as a reproduction in one of these displays may result in the award being forfeited. If there is a difference of opinion the show hosts will make the final decision as to the authenticity of an item.

  1. Identification Cards:

Department issued identification cards may be displayed but not sold, traded, or transferred under any circumstance.

  1. Firearms:

Firearms may only be displayed and will not be sold or traded.  Any firearm that is displayed will be unloaded and in a locked display case from which it shall not be removed for any reason. Any table holder wishing to display a firearm must declare to the show hosts that they are doing so and, upon demand, present the firearm for a safety inspection prior to the show opening.

California is NOT an open carry state. As a general rule, all persons (including table holders, table assistants, guests, family members, or walk-through patrons) are prohibited from carrying an exposed firearm. Concealed firearms are only allowed if the person is a peace officer (active, retired or reserve), or possesses a valid concealed weapons permit from a California agency. To that end “CONCEALED MEANS CONCEALED” – if you have a permit and you cannot keep your firearm concealed then please lock it in your vehicle.

  1. Alcohol and Smoking:

Alcoholic drinks and smoking will not be allowed in the show area and only in designated areas outside the venue. Persons who present themselves as impaired or intoxicated will be escorted from the event.

  1. Sales Tax

In California, a retailer is not considered ‘engaged in business in the state’ if:

  • The retailer’s sole physical presence in California is to engage in trade show activities,
  • The retailer and any of its representatives do not engage in trade show activities for more than 15 days, in whole or in part, during any 12-month period and
  • The retailer did not derive more than $100,000of net income from trade show activities


  1. Table Areas
  • All table holders were assigned tables when registration was made. All table holders are requested to stay within the perimeters of their tables.  No extensions, platforms, or other accessory may be used to increase the footprint of your table, outside the parameters of the table itself.  If you need more space buy another table.
  1. Trash and Debris
  • Table Holders are responsible for all trash, debris, and spills in their assigned areas. If you have a spill that requires extra attention, please contact event staff and they will have someone come to assist you.


All of these show rules and policies are required to be followed by each and every person attending the 2023 National Police Collectors Show, including all table holders, table assistants, guests, family members, and walk-through patrons. 

The final decision on any dispute will be made by a show host and must be abided by or considered a violation of these rules. Depending upon the severity of an infraction a show host may issue a warning, demand the removal of an item from the table or hall, eject the violator without refund of table fees or admission costs, or contact the local police authorities for criminal prosecution. Any unethical, immoral, illegal, or unprofessional actions will be dealt with in the same manner.


Show hosts, The San Bernardino Police Historical Society, The National Orange Show Event Center, and The City of San Bernardino are not liable for loss, injury, death, or damage to persons or property suffered or sustained by table holders, systems, guests or show attendees.